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We work to affirm the inherent value of all people.

From the boardroom to the break room, our team has dozens of years of experience working directly within systems to create and enact strategies for systems change. We are laser focused on building internal capacity through our process of shared leadership and learning so organizations can thrive on their own.

'Co-create' is our mantra and our approach to racial equity and inclusion strategy.

To design a process that is self-sustaining, we use a collaborative process with an internal team that works together with the Radical Optimist team. This “Core Team” can already be in existence (ex. DE&I teams), or we can help create it. We ensure this team is highly representative of the organization; we don’t just work with senior leadership. This team provides focus and clarity and assists with:

  • helping define the scope of the team’s work.
  • co-creating the working activities.
  • determining whether activities are relevant and on track.
  • supporting communications channels and feedback loops.
  • informing the design and coordination of the ongoing effort.

Our heart-centered work is layered and cascading.

We work with partners to deeply understand their cultural and historic context by doing a lot of listening. We believe people have the answers inside of them and just need support and guidance to co-create a path forward that focuses on the problems we are trying to solve and the strategies for achieving those solutions. We use a collaborative process that is iterative and grounded in shared leadership.

Often, the issues organizations are facing can be traced back to deeper, systemic issues of racial equity and inclusion. We are laser focused on building internal capacity through our process of shared leadership and learning so that organizations do not need us anymore.

We understand the deep need for personal growth and healing when it comes to racism, but also the need for real structural change within organizations. We engage as strategic advisors and consultants to develop racial equity and inclusion strategies and interventions. Let’s talk – start a conversation below.

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