The Why

Authentic relationships thrive on vulnerability and bravery.

Creating and holding space for brave conversations, where individuals can be vulnerable in speaking their truth, creates an environment for healing and growth. Using a racial healing process, we create ways for people to speak their truth, share their lived experiences, and bring forward the “unsaids and undiscussables.”

Conversations about race, racism, racial equity and inclusion can be extremely difficult, especially in multi-racial groups. As renowned activist and author Angela Davis would say, we are in a moment of “radical reckoning” with respect to these matters. White people are waking up to the vast difference in their experience compared to friends, neighbors and co-workers of color. Our histories are different, and our present experiences are different. People are seeing the need to engage in difficult conversations that lead to growth and healing.

Radical Optimist Collective is a diverse team of facilitators and healing practitioners that guide and support individuals and groups in racial awareness and racial healing work by creating space for brave conversations and shared experiences.

Our collective journey toward racial equity and healing begins with introspection and honest dialogue. Radical Optimist offers an array of services that are designed for individual, group and organizational growth and understanding. Find out more.

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Every relationship starts with a conversation.

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