Racial Healing Learning Journeys

Through organizational visits to The Legacy Museum and The National Memorial for Peace and Justice, Radical Optimist Collective offers an opportunity for a powerful shared experience. These experiential sessions open a deeper conversation within organizations and explore United States history and context of enslavement, structural racism and mass incarceration.

Racial Equity and Inclusion Consultation

Radical Optimist deploys a consistent approach across all of its work anchored in equity and inclusion. We acknowledge we do not have all of the answers and we believe that the most powerful results come from a co-developed process with the stakeholders that any initiative aims to serve and impact. We work hand-in-hand with internal teams to develop goals and agendas for each experience.

Shakita Brooks Jones

Strategy & Facilitation Consultant

Kenya Jackson-Saulters

Experience Consultant

Staci Lynch

Experience Consultant

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