Our Approach

We help individuals on their personal journeys while supporting the group’s collective work.

Radical Optimist Collective (ROC) began as an offering to guide and support individuals and small groups in racial awareness and racial healing work within the context of journeys to The Legacy Museum and Memorial in Montgomery, AL.

In time, these same processes transcended into deeper consultative, training, coaching, and facilitation work with organizations and companies. The heightened calls for racial justice that arose in the spring of 2020 following the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and so many more prompted us to expand our services to include additional offerings – such as Immersive Journeys, Transformational Coaching, Racial Equity & Inclusion Strategy Development, and Affinity & Healing Circles.

We honor and acknowledge that each person comes to us with their own lived experience, ancestral history, trauma, and current context. As a result, we utilize an individualized approach within the bounds of group or organizational work. We apply these learnings into ongoing racial equity and inclusion strategies within organizations, and we help identify the systems that require disruption and rebuilding. Our methods provide participants with the tools necessary to challenge white dominant culture with every action and choice, especially with decisions about how we engage others.

ROC operates as a collective because we believe that our own structures and methods must challenge white dominant culture at all times, every action and choice, and especially in the choices we make about how we engage. Drawing on the experiences and strengths of multiple people creates a more powerful experience.
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