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We love to work in times of transformation – personal and organizational.

As part of any transformation process, and especially one where issues of racial equity and inclusion are at the core, we deeply believe in the need for individual and group support and coaching.

Coaching can be the ultimate investment in the human resources of an organization.

Clarity, focus and courage are core leadership skills. Creating space for these to emerge will help fast-track the integration of new values, practices, and skills within an organization. At the time of transition, fear and doubt will inevitably rise up, so having a safe space to explore and shift can be crucial in a change processes. It is especially important when doing the hard/heart work of dismantling systems of oppression and envisioning new worlds and organizations grounded in love, equality, and justice.

Our approach provides space for leaders to practice, stumble, and thrive.

The role of leader can be isolating, overwhelming and trigger a profound sense of powerlessness. These are the very feelings that can stop a change process in its tracks. We have found that it is important to provide a space for support, clarity, raging and creativity to assist leaders in being a clear container for unpacking white dominant culture values, envisioning new ways of sharing power and moving the mission of the organization forward.

This process provides space for leaders to practice, stumble, and thrive in guiding organizations beyond entrenched patterns of top-down management, and opens space for more emancipatory practices that support shared responsibility for growth and change.

We cultivate a unique process for every client working with us.

During our initial organizational assessment or at any point throughout the process, members of the team may find it useful to access additional support to help integrate new concepts or practices. Transformational Coaching can also be offered to support clearing and shifting where there have been conflicts or misunderstandings, oftentimes as a prelude to mediation or conflict resolution processes.

Clients can select the ROC coach that represents the best fit for them and, through the initial meetings, co-create a transformation plan which identifies the focus of the coaching and goals for our work together. The coaching may be a single session or an on-going relationship based on the identified needs.

Leaders in transformational work need support and a space where they can work through organizational challenges and be honest about their areas of growth in a confidential environment. We can help – start a conversation below.

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